Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Shoes

Mystery Jets - Young Love (Shoes Mix)

After a certain amount of indecision as to whether or not to see Alphabeat again i opted for a night at the Barfly. I was expecting a good time but before We Smoke Fags tried to impress me with their artwork (and underpant selection), Ebony Bones could get the entire crowd moving left, right, backwards and forwards or Friendly Fires would charm me with their cheerful and overly sweaty performance, The Shoes completely rocked. The two frenchmen (a similarly odd visual pairing as that of Chromeo) were on far too early for their live(ish) blend of dance, rock and rap but still managed a very danceworthy performance especially if you've just consumed so much coffee that you blow your pint before sipping it out of habit. In terms of live set up (laptop, synths and microphones) it wasn't anything that i hadn't seen before until both guys grabbed their mics, stepped up to the front of the stage and rapped like a couple of white hip hop stars whilst the track played unaided underneath. Good music and fun to watch.

Having bought the latest Mystery Jets vinyl for the 'dancefloor destroying' Switch remix of 'Hideaway' and then realising that i don't have a dancefloor (if i did i certainly wouldn't want to destroy it), i was happy to find this ear pleasing mix by The Shoes on the other side. I haven't heard the original so i can't comment on how much they've changed it but it's nice and i like it.

If you also think it's nice then you can buy it on 12" now.

On with the festivities.


Anonymous said...

I liked your great escape hair this weekend. Still not as good as crazy daves flowing locks though... I think nothing will ever best his barnet.

Shitronic said...

Too true, too true, i hope you realise i wasn't trying to compete though, i'm not that foolish.