Thursday, 5 June 2008

An Education In Music

It's 50 years since the birth of Independent Music, i'm not sure how that's been decided but without any evidence to suggest the contrary i'll believe it. To celebrate a CD is being released with cover versions of original independently released songs by today's 'indie' artists. To save rehashing the facts i'll just point you to this Guardian article which gives you all the details. More interesting still are the comments underneath the article where members of 'Comment Is Free' have left suggestions for the top 50 best independent albums of all time, they have also taken the time to point out important independent record labels, bicker with each other and dispute the term 'indie'. For anybody who is as woefully uninformed about music from the past as i am, this is a good way of getting a bit of a background on the music i like now and where it's come from. It's also good to know that no matter how old you get it's still ok to prove you're cooler than someone else with your music collection, i feel a lot better now.

Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy From School

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