Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Relish E.P. II

'Relish E.P. II' is the latest release from Headman's label Relish, the B side is fairly unremarkable with a Streetlife DJs remix of Don Cash's 'Hey There' (a standard electro track) and a Michoacan remix of David Gilmour Girls' 'Tune In Your Aura' (funky live sounding dance track along the lines of Who Made Who). The A side, however, is 'My Love Needs You' by Beni (one half of Riot In Belgium who were responsible for 'La Musique'), a useful build-up dance track that sounds like three seperate songs put together. In the beginning it's all bassy, glitchy and squeaky of a more fidget house type of sound but this subsides and the main bassline arrives in all it's camp, slightly disco, slightly house glory, the glitches are still intermittently present but no sooner have you been swept up by the driving bass it breaks right down to nothing, a brief moment of silence before the hand claps, beeps and stabbing string synths begin signaling the feel-good climax. It all comes slamming back in for the next phase of the song which lasts just long enough to get your hands in the air. Another breakdown, this time with hand drums thrown in for good measure, some more glitch followed by another breakdown which takes us into the third part of the song. No sign of the bassline anymore but a pounding beat, plenty of beeps and that little slither of vocal that's been there all the time whether you realised it or not.

I would say that the price of the 12" (a modest £4.99) is worth it for the A side alone, with so many different sounds and themes it can be played at pretty much anytime you fancy a dance and not seem out of place.

Beni - My Love Sees You

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Anonymous said...

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