Thursday, 19 June 2008


This post doesn't really fit into the new/fresh/excting categories that i've stipulated for this blog but it's sufficiently horrifying to warrant a mention.

I read this Guardian article today and it sickened me, aside from the obvious inhumanity of torture itself i'm not sure what upset me most.

Here's a list (in order of appearance in the article):
1. The implication that 'God' invented it therefore it's ok
2. 'Torture is apparently OK if it is not too "heavy"' (taken straight from the article)
3. Metallica
4. Artists not minding their music being used for torture
5. James Hetfield's arrogance
6. The ignorance of the soldiers and their choice of songs
7. David Gray's music (although i respect him for discussing the matter)
8. The ignorance of Steve Asheim
9. 'Music is just music. It's supposed to touch your mind, your body, and your emotions to varying degrees; but it doesn't fundamentally change people. I think that gives it much more credit than it deserves' (taken straight from the article)

Read the article and see what you think.

Shy Child - Noise Wont Stop

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