Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Metronomy - Nights Out (Album)

More wonky pop for you and this time it's courtesy of Metronomy. These three fellow Brightonians have well and truly thrown the rule book out of the window for 'Nights Out'. The opening track being a sparse, slow building, out of tune death march instilling the listener with an unwarranted sense of dread for what quickly becomes an unlikely dance album. Bouncey rhythms, off kilter drums and children's instruments help to assure the listener that this is in fact a very playful album although the energy and youthfulness is pinned down by lyrics about love, lust and heartbreak whilst staccato guitars and elastic basslines remind the feet that whilst your brain is doing all this thinking other parts of your body really should be moving around. This isn't likely to be everyone's favourite album as i can see it being a little unaccessible to people who prefer their pop a lot less wonky but this only makes the album far more appealing to me. I appreciate the challenge 'Nights Out' presents and the oddity of writing a sickly-sweet sugar-pop melody and then setting some squealing woodwind or clashing guitars over the top. Just like Late Of The Pier and Architecture In Helsinki, they now what sounds good but they also know that's too easy, by definition wonky pop is a bit difficult to listen to and this is no exception.

In my own little world Metronomy top the charts with every single they release and i'm still not sick of them because they have an interesting muisc video that doesn't feature semi naked women airbrushed to an inch of their life popular only because they hint at lesbianism. Back in the real world i would heartily recommend 'A Thing For Me' as my fave although after listening to 'Heartbreaker', 'Radio Ladio' or 'My Heart Rate Rapid' you could be left with any number of catchy vocals vying for space in your tiny noggin, the safest option is to buy the album so that you have all of these available on demand.

Metronomy - A Thing For Me

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