Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cajun Dance Party - The Colourful Life (Album)

Cajun Dance Party - Colourful Life

On early listens to Cajun Dance Party's 'The Colourful Life' it's easy to pick out the edgy guitar riffs of mainstream top 40 bands, the soft indie-rock of The Feeling and the vocals of The Kooks but despite these obvious afflictions (particularly the latter) CDP have much more to offer. I was initially drawn to them by the comparisons i'd heard made to The Maccabees as opposed to the previously mentioned bands, i've been trying to decide what sets them apart from the other indie music i've heard recently and i can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's the little sprinkles of piano and harp in all the right places to make the song sound as beautiful and damaged as the artwork, maybe it's the subtle strings and guitar distortion used to build choruses up into epic crescendos or maybe it's the girl in the band who provides a little variety, especially on 'The Hill, The View & The Lights' where she takes the lead vocal. The album is a refreshing mixture of energetic indie-pop songs and slower ballads (i can't remember the last time i enjoyed one of those) and whilst it's a little on the short side, definitely holds together. Most importantly i listened to this at work and it managed to take me somewhere else, i'm not sure where and it was only briefly but it was a calm summery place where walls were replaced by the breeze and bosses by sunflowers bowing in it.

The picture on the front would nearly be reason for buying it alone but you also get lyrics in the sleeve and black and white photos of the band so that you can fantasize about the girl even though she's only a 6/10 just because she can play an instrument. All in all, a great reason to stay interested in guitar bands and a nice reminder why i was such a fan of them in the first place.


write-up-your-ally said...

thank goodness.... I was beginning to think you were deserting guitar bands.

write-up-your-ally said...

also, I'm a boss but I would rather be a sunflower bowing in the breeze. lovely description, really want to hear Cajun Dance Party album now. good job, my friend!