Wednesday, 30 April 2008


New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky

Another excting event in Brighton, Loop is returning for its second year. It's a one day mini festival on Saturday 16th August. I didn't go last year and i regretted it so hopefully i won't make the same mistake this time. The confirmed acts so far include New Young Pony Club, These New Puritans, Holy F*ck, Caribou, Planningtorock, Nostalgia 77, The Shoes, Micachu, Primary 1, Fulborn Teversham, Peggy Sue & The Pirates, Midfield General, Skull Juice, Casper C, Transformer, Gilbert and Sun Harbour. With many more to come apparently. It should be a good day and it's nice to see people organising interesting events for our city.

The track is an edit of 'Get Lucky', i'm not sure who made the edit, it might even have been New Young Pony Club. I found this song on a compilation called Digital Penetration which only cost me a fiver and included loads of other (at the time) up and coming bands such as These New Puritans, Sh*t Disco, The Presets, Cut Copy, Crystal Castles and a demo of The Klaxons. Great value if you can get hold of it.

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Anonymous said...

Morning fact fans - I can confirm that this edit was indeed made by NYPC themselves.