Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (Album)

Cut Copy - Feel The Love

The first artist i'm going to feature is Cut Copy. 'In Ghost Colours' is their second album and is a brilliant spring-into-summer pop album filled with all the beautiful sounds you can hear in 'Feel The Love' crafted from subtle catchy riffs, shimmering bouncy synth melodies and haunting yet equally dreamy vocals. It walks a perfect line between between the kind of music you would listen to on a sunny afternoon and the first song you would want to hear when you walk into a bar/club.

'In Ghost Colours' is released by Modular on 12th May. You're probably wondering why i would write about an album that's not available yet after my last post, the reason being that Resident have imported some copies and are selling it at the very reasonable price of £10.99 which is probably only a pound more than the actual release price, unfortunately there aren't any lyrics included but the version i have includes an interesting poster/collection of images in the sleeve. I would recommend shelling out the extra quid in case the sun makes an appearance between now and the release date so that you have something appropriate to listen to. Even if it doesn't this album will certainly cheer you up.

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