Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Music

An important part of this blog will be 'real music'. By real music i mean tangible, touchable music that is released on physical formats because music isn't just about listening, it's about the entire experience that the artist is trying to create. Artists put a lot of care and attention into designing their CD covers and vinyl sleeves and also in the order they place their songs on the album. This blog will be about discussing music that is available for you to go out and buy should you like it.

This blog will only offer streamed music because downloading a free low quality track from a blog and listening to it on your mp3 player will never be as good as hearing the whole album that you invested your hard-earned money in*. In turn i will try to offer advice and opinions as to how to avoid investing that same hard-earned money on an album you might regret.

The stream will always be at the top of the post so that you can listen whilst you read.

*Besides, you could get it from Hype Machine if you really wanted to.

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