Wednesday, 7 May 2008


MSTRKRFT were exceedingly good on Saturday night, i'm not sure why that surprised me but i think with a lot of other blogs announcing the demise of 'blog house' and what seems to be a decline in busy club nights i wasn't expecting to see it packed front to back with people jumping up and down, being whipped into an absolute frenzy. The DJs even did shout outs and played well past their alotted time, this gave them chance to play 'One More Time' at which point the place might as well have taken off because i was singing along at the top of my voice.

Another pleasant surprise i had recently is Breakbot, after remixing Justice and DatA i was definitely expecting his music to be of a heavier nature, however, 'Happy Rabbit' is quite different. Starting with live sounding drums and threading in a melody that could have been made on children's toys he creates a lovely subtle tune. This gets a little heavier when the bass slaps in but rather than dominate, merely helps the track bounce along like the title suggests.

Apparently this was released as a single a while ago but i found it on the Moshi Moshi Singles 2006 - 2008 CD which contains a number of other brilliant singles by Late Of The Pier, Friendly Fires and Pacific! who are all equally worthy of posts. Moshi Moshi have an impeccable taste in music, i think if i was a girl i'd definitely flutter my eyelashes at the Moshi Moshi guys so that they'd make mix tapes for me in order to gain my affection. The next best thing is for them to donate their acts to Somewhere In The Universe for live performances which they have done in the case of Breakbot and Friendly Fires, both were outstanding.

Whilst writing this i was listening to the music on Breakbot's myspace page and he's done remixes of Late Of The Pier, Pacific! and PNAU, they're all worth a few minutes of your time although i don't know if any of them are getting released anytime soon.

Breakbot - Happy Rabbit

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