Thursday, 8 May 2008

Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Single)

Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love

I was going to post about one of the albums i bought this week but i need to talk about this for 2 reasons. Firstly, i need more time to appreciate the Quiet Village album before i describe it and second this is so good it couldn't wait another day.

Because Steve loves analogies:

Low Motion Disco's original of 'Love Love Love' is a slow, dark, sparse disco track conjuring up images of walking through deserted streets lined with graffiti covered, vandalised warehouses. Even the tramps have left this place, long discarded sheets of newspaper blow around in the hot, humid blasts of wind. At the half way mark you notice an open door with music and dim light spilling out. This is when you remember why you came and hastily enter to find women whose features you can't discern grinding slowly against silver poles. You cast a shadow across the dancefloor as you approach causing them to shift their attention to you, for some reason this doesn't feel like a good thing. They watch you whilst you order a drink and you don't see what the barman puts in it, 3 hours later you are dancing with the same (you think) woman but you feel as though you might owe somebody something, money? a soul? an apology?

The Aeroplane Remix, starts off in a similar vein but a little less brooding, this time though you get a taxi to the club. The girls are there but you offer one a drink, she's pretty and smiles at you, you chat for a while at the bar and then start to dance, this seems to be just what everyone was waiting for and they join you on the dancefloor, the glitter ball descends from the ceiling and you dance the night away in natural ecstasy. When you wake up the next day you don't even ache.

If that doesn't make sense to you then i'd suggest buying the vinyl which was released on Monday (and is a degree less pretentious), it's part 1 of 2 releases, the other containing remixes by Soft Rocks and Still Going. The sleeve is a piece of art and if i didn't intend to play this every 5 minutes from now until my needle breaks i'd consider framing it on my wall.

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