Thursday, 1 May 2008

Matt and Kim - Matt and Kim (Album)

Matt & Kim - Yea Yeah

Life is just so much easier when there is a wikipedia page about it: "Matt and Kim are an alternative punk/dance duo from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2004 by Matt Johnson (guitar/vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums/vocals). Their simple, dance style rhythms and energetic performances have gained them a substantial local following and a formidable online presence".

The album itself is purely drums, synth and male vocal yet they manage to get a surprising depth of sound out of this combination, the songs are short and there aren't a lot of them but it's probably best that way as their set up doesn't allow for a lot of variety. The best/worst way i can think to describe them is with this analogy:

A group of pirates find a teenage boy stowed away in their ship after setting sail, naturally they opt to throw him off but as they jab him on to the plank he begins to sing and dance, the pirates aren't sure why, maybe it's because he's never seen the sea before, maybe it's because he's scared or maybe it's because he's a complete nutter but they find it impossible not to smile at the boy's naivety and youthful awkwardness, the accordion comes out and before long the whole crew are banging boxes and tapping wooden legs to his infectious energy. They sail around for weeks, forgetting their pirate ways and enjoying his company but soon begin to yearn for their acts of violence and plundering once again. He doesn't become a pirate because they eventually tire of him but it does buy him passage to a safe port and a certain fondness otherwise reserved for rum and pillaging in their blackened hearts.

Likewise, i don't think i'll be listening to this album as a whole in six months but i can't see myself not still enjoying 'Yea Yeah' every so often. Not the best value at £12.99 (originally an American only release but picked up by Telle in Europe) but worth it if you have the money to spend and want some instant sing-a-long gratification.

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