Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Padded Cell - Night Must Fall (Album)

Padded Cell's album was recommended to me by someone who's music taste i respect a lot otherwise i wouldn't have bought it, one look at the cover, the title 'Night Must Fall' or some of the track names ('Moon Menace Part II', 'Savage Skulls' or 'Faces Of The Forest' as the first three) and i would have been thoroughly put off, it looks like the work of a bad goth-metal band or low budget hammer horror director. It does in fact come off a little like the latter, the reverberating basslines and sinister synth screams open the album to create an eerie sense of dread, dischordant stabs of guitar and sax (reminiscent of The Rapture's early work) glide through the walls and straight towards you. Despite the desire to be far away from this place your feet are drawn towards the aural spectres by the hypnotic rolling percussion and as you open your mouth and fill your lungs to scream you notice that it's just a bed sheet on a stick being waggled around by a couple of guys with analog synthesizers. Then it becomes fun. Although largely instrumental it manages to be engrossing and highly danceable whilst maintaining its brooding, sparse disco veneer. After a couple of listens it certainly seems that it's serious analog knob twiddling performed with a wry smile, especially when the 70's sex funk bassline (like that of DC labelmates Emperor Machine) and trumpet fanfares arrive as the fated busty blonde girl.

This isn't really poppy like most of my other posts and may take a few listens to fully appreciate but if you liked Glass Candy you'll probably enjoy this too. I chose 'Word Of Mouth' for two reasons, it's the most vocal track on the CD and therefore most accessible and also the only full song on imeem, all the others were in 30-second-sample-awaiting-approval phase.

Padded Cell - Word Of Mouth

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