Saturday, 26 April 2008

Glass Candy

Glass Candy - Miss Broadway (Belle Epoque Cover)

As i sat on the beach today enjoying the bright spring sunshine, sipping on my orange juice and lemonade, watching my friends eat ice cream and trying to decide which song/band/album to post about next, the warmth of the sun was briefly interrupted by a slither of cloud and a chill sprang up. It reminded me that less than a month ago i was sat inside with wet feet grumbling about the inch of slushy snow that had fallen. That's what Glass Candy make me think of, the milky warm spring sun refracting through the prismic walls of an ice palace, creating the illusion of heat without the presence. I've heard them described as 'glacial disco noir' and i think that's a very accurate summary, sometimes the word 'ethereal' gets used too and that's equally appropriate. They have an album out called 'Beat Box' but 'Miss Broadway' is a cover of Belle Epoque and is on the Italians Do It Better record label sampler 'After Dark' that came in a handmade sleeve and was supposed to be limited to 500 copies but i've seen it for sale in a number of places on the internet which makes me think otherwise. Both are great CDs to fall asleep to, especially if you want some slightly disturbing dreams.

Glass Candy will be playing in Brighton at the Barfly (Gloucester) on Tuesday 13th May, tickets are only £6 + bf and i've been hearing lots of good reviews of the gigs by their label mates Chromatics who share the same brand of raw, dark, haunting disco.

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