Friday, 25 April 2008

I, Robot? + Tonight

Apparently Blogger thought i was a robot and whilst i wasn't able to convince them otherwise with displays of personality, they have seen the light. The track above is from an album called 'Contact High' i used to really like when i was younger and one of the few from that era that i still enjoy hearing. Rocket Science are described as acid garage punk, the last i heard of them was a newszip in NME claiming that the singer had fallen into a self induced coma, according to wikipedia this lasted for 2 weeks "during which the band were inactive" - now that's rock and roll (or acid garage punk).

Daft Punk - Robot Rock

Here's two suggestions for your evening's entertainment that will (robot) rock your socks off:

Captcha at Water Margin/Kabuki/Old Sumo, 8pm - 3am, £4/3 second person gets in half price... with bands:
I Say Marvin
The Woo!worths
Boy Patient

and DJs:
Matt Garland
Matt Barker
Guy Le Comte


Somewhere In The Universe with special guest Stopmakingme at Ocean Rooms, 10.30pm - 4am, £5/4 entry.

Have a great night.

1 comment:

Neil said...

Of your youth, i belive i was there for some of that. he was the fella that only stood up to play a few notes and then fell over again. good times!